The Jetty sushi story…

Brandon, Daniel, and Bradley are three life long friends from Chula Vista, California. Long before the Jetty Sushi team formed the founders were teammates on the baseball diamond and classmates at the neighboring schools. Searching for a new avenue of creative expression, the three developed a love and passion for the culinary craft of sushi making. Not long after, they sought a new way to combine their craft with medical cannabis and the dream of Jetty Sushi was born.

A vast culinary experience and strong knowledge of cannabis allows Jetty Sushi to educate users about cannabis edibles and provide the opportunity to medicate using cannabis products in a responsible way. Jetty Sushi seeks to explore the culinary diversity of cannabis and provide a new way to consume edible cannabis products. Traditionally, cannabis edibles are offered as sweets such as cookies, brownies, and candy. Jetty Sushi hopes to break the mold and explore more healthy options for cannabis edible consumption. By infusing various sushi ingredients with cannabis extract, Jetty Sushi is able to provide a wide array of infused sushi products.

In today’s time, attitudes and understandings about cannabis are constantly moving forward. Unfortunately though, stagnant political legislation has left us with policies regarding the legality of cannabis that do not reflect our society’s clearly more progressive sentiment. While regulation is important with a product such as cannabis, these policies limit the potential and growth of cannabis entrepreneurs nationwide. Do your part and support pro-cannabis legislation at the federal, state, and local levels.